Having Trouble, Hillary? Free Tickets To Fundraiser Send Bad Message

Philip DeVoe | Contributor

Virginia Democrats were offered free tickets Friday to the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Virginia, Hillary Clinton’s first campaign stop in the critical swing state.

In an email leaked to Business Insider, supporters of Clinton’s campaign in Virginia were given a chance to forego the $30 price for tickets to the event, as long as they provide the code included in the email. The event was intended to support democratic fundraising for the state, but Clinton’s appearance and speech are geared toward garnering support among East Coast Democrats.

An operative for a 2016 Republican candidate took a shot at the Democratic frontrunner, referencing the irony surrounding her previous PR disaster of her speech prices.

“How bad is it out there for Hillary? She’s gone from paid speeches to paying people to hear her speeches.”

This isn’t the first time Hillary has struggled to fill seats. In early June, a Clinton event in New York marketed as “just for women” switched to co-ed at the last minute, when the campaign discovered the large amount of $2,700-a-seat tickets that went unsold.

Virginia Democratic Party Communications Director Stephen Carter told Business Insider the free ticket giveaway is not reflective of poor fundraising, since the event raised more money than it has before.

He confirmed the campaign sold 2,000 tickets of the 10,000-seat Patriot Center at George Mason University. (RELATED: Hillary’s Email Claim To State Department Falls Apart)

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