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This 21-Year-Old Conservative Is Challenging The Left On Its Home Turf

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Charlie Kirk is a 21-year-old energetic entrepreneur from Lemont, Illinois, who is committed to piercing the left’s stranglehold of the minds of American youth.

Three years ago, he launched Turning Point USA to be a new “clipboard and tennis shoes” grassroots organizing force on college campuses. Today, he is the Executive Director and has 40 staffers, 220 chapters, membership across the nation and affiliates that take their influence to over 1000 campuses.

On campuses, he runs into, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood and, most recently, a flood of Hillary for America paid field agents, but he knows and feels he is on to something big.

While Republican or think tank outreach to youth seems “stale” to him, Kirk finds innovative ways to use the culture to connect and show how progressive ideas are perilous to young peoples’ dreams. Turning Point USA’s posters and pamphlets are based on “skepticism of big power by relating it to the Hunger Games, the corruption inherently held in our governmental system in House of Cards, the feudalistic type power struggle that goes on in Game of Thrones.”

One of his most popular posters simply says, “Big Government Sucks!”

Kirk is excited to be a part of this new “counter-cultural, counter-institutional grassroots movement of students rising up fighting back against what has become a liberal, collectivist dominance of higher education and the younger generation.” Kirk believes he is witnessing a “historic rising up of the millennial generation against governmental power.”

Commenting on the hotbeds of intolerance, infantilizing “safe spaces” and rising bigotry to Jews and Christians cropping up on American campuses, Kirk says these developments are “alarming.”

“Liberal professors on campus are very tolerant as long as you hold their beliefs,” Kirk says. “I have never seen a cohort in people in power have such intolerance to constitutional, American, patriotic, free market, capitalistic beliefs.”

Teaching ideological orthodoxy is one thing he says, but “they are also teaching a doctrine that if some else holds beliefs different from you, like capitalism is a good thing, or America is truly the best country in the history of the world, they are not just wrong, they’re evil.”

He explains that previous forms of rewiring were softer than the ones used today. “Now, young people are now lead to the conclusion that I love the world, so I hate Republicans and conservatives.” He uses national media, including The Daily Caller and Campus Reform, to shame and expose specific incidences of outrageous hostility occurring on campuses.

Looking beyond the youth cohort, it amazes him that alums who don’t agree with this intolerance occurring on their alma mater’s campus still write blank checks to these institutions.

Kirk believes that America is exceptional from the stories he is learning firsthand from entrepreneurs who have succeeded in America. Beyond that, he says, America’s chartering philosophy was that our rights and very existence are not from government, but from God. Now he says the “new power dominance is getting further from that belief.”

If the traditional founding principles of American exceptionalism are restored, Charlie Kirk’s leadership, posters, and growing swarm of young conservatives fighting back against the culture of growing government power will have set the stage for their new millennial conservative leaders.


For more on Charlie Kirk see here. The Turning Point USA Facebook page is here and its Twitter is @TurningPointUSA.

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