Trump On Iran: ‘Obama Is Making US Look Like BEGGARS’ [AUDIO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In a live radio interview with New York’s 970 AM Sunday, 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that compared to the Iranians — “who are very good negotiators” — the Obama administration is making the U.S. “look like beggars,” in pursuing a favorable, long-term deal on Iran’s growing, nuclear program.

TRUMP: Look, Obama is not a negotiator. We look like we’re beggars. We look like we’re sitting there begging, and the Persians — as you know — are very good negotiators. The people representing Iran are master negotiators, and they’re dealing with fools. They’re dealing with fools. It looks like we’re begging to make a deal. They’ve put us in such a position …

We have the cards right now. Soon we won’t have the cards, but we have the cards right now, and we should put sanctions — much stronger, much harder — and bring them to the table on our terms because they are really making a deal that should not be made.

You can listen to the entirety of Trump’s interview below (remarks begin at 5:55):

[h/t: The Hill]

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