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Quote of the day:

“It kills me that Chris Brown is so talented.”

— PBS NewsHour host Gwen Ifill.


Ezra Klein assumes we would have cared about what he thought at 20

“If you had told me in 2004 that America would have a black president, universal health care, and gay marriage by 2015, I would have laughed.” — Vox Editor-in-Chief Ezra Klein.

Breitbart editor makes gay movie joke, but it’s okay 

“Whew. I made a Brokeback Mountain joke and a gay guy laughed. That means I’m exempt from PC police for that one :)” — Breitbart Texas bureau chief Brandon Darby. See here.

Mother Jones engagement editor misses the trash can 

“This might not sound very ‘progressive’ but I did just throw an apple core out of my window bc I didn’t want to walk over to a trash.” — MJ‘s Ben Dreyfuss.

Eat, Pray, Love (or something like that) 

“I’m beyond excited that I will be FINALLY taking a week off this week for the first time since December! And you know what? I’m not feeling a dar bit guilty for NOT being available. Writing, reading, sleeping, relaxing and ESCAPING is so good for the mind, body, & soul. I shall return refreshed and renewed. Happy 4th everyone!” — blogger Pamela Sorensen, who runs The Punch.

In case you think you’re having a rough day  

“First up at 4:26 AM. #DC police are looking for two women they say shot a #DC taxi driver. We’ve got new info to share. See u in 5 #NBC4DC” — NBC Washington’s Angie Goff.

Ron Fournier cracks on Donald Trump’s 3 marriages

“As many as possible.” — National Journal serial tweeter Ron Fournier in reaction to presidential hopeful Trump, who remarked on CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper” that he’s in favor of traditional marriage.

SCOTUS gay marriage ruling fallout 

“So sick of wading into these online conversations where it’s just a pissing contest of people trying to prove they’re the better Christian. It’s pathetic. This ruling has brought out some profound ugliness. I want no part of it.” –-TWT writer Jessica Chasmar.

“To all the ‘proud Christians’ trolling me this Sunday morning about my support for marriage equality, aren’t you supposed to be at church?” — Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

“U wouldn’t believe the ugly comments–and I mean UGLY–I had to delete under a simple Instagram photo of the Empire State in rainbow colors.” — FNC’s Jedediah Bila.


Tim Grieve is the editor of National Journal. Fournier is a serial tweeter and writer there. Apparently Mrs. Fournier needs to be thanked when Fournier writes something. 

Tim Grieve: Powerful Saturday-morning reading from Ron Fournier. (Editor’s note: It’s okay, it’s not THAT powerful.)

Ron Fournier: Thanks, boss.

Grieve: Thank you. And thank the Mrs.

If Will Rahn wasn’t a journalist…

“@willrahn would make a good detective.” — The Daily Beast‘s Asawin Suebsaeng.

Travel Bitches

“Hey @united, maybe run a fucking flight on time? #aspenideas.” — Prof. Jeff Jarvis.

Larry’s Lounge endorses Hillary Clinton

(The Dupont/Adams Morgan bar makes it official.)