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Obama To Iran: ‘Do You Like Me? Y/N’

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The following story requires us to consider which is more trustworthy: the government of Iran or the Obama administration? That’s a tough one.

When you pass notes in class, there’s always the danger that you’ll get caught. Fars News Agency:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Parliamentary officials disclosed on Monday that US President Barack Obama has sent a secret message to Iran in the last few days, adding that the letter focused on the nuclear standoff between the two sides.

“An official of one of the neighboring countries has recently brought a message from the US president to our country’s officials,” member of the parliament’s presiding board Mehrdad Bazrpash told FNA on Monday…

Stressing that Washington and Obama, himself, need a nuclear agreement with Iran, Bazrpash said Washington is in a more dire need of an agreement than Iran.

He further pointed out that the US hypocrisy in its secret messages and in the public has ruined the wall of trust between the two countries. “The contents of the United States’ private messages to Iran are different from what the American officials say in the public”.

The Obama administration is denying this, of course.

What a conundrum. If Iran is lying, which is always my assumption, it’s just one more piece of evidence to throw onto the ever-growing “Don’t Trust Iran” pile. If Iran is telling the truth, it’s more evidence that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing and constantly lies to cover his tracks. It’s a lose/lose for Obama.

That’s why I expect to hear any minute now that this is all the Republicans’ fault. That trick has been working for most of the past decade, and there’s no reason to stop now.