Police Have A New Throwable Camera At Their Disposal [VIDEO]

Sam Peterson Contributor
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One of the greatest threats to police officers is entering a room or house and not knowing what they might find.

However, thanks to Bounce Imaging and the Explorer camera orb, police officers around the country will now be able to get a complete panoramic image of a room without ever having to step foot in it.

Bounce Imaging is a company based out of the Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston. CEO Francisco Aguilar started the company back in 2012 and earned his MBA from MIT in 2012.

“It basically gives a quick assessment of a dangerous situation,” Aguilar told MIT News.

The Explorer has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout its development. Time magazine named it one of the top inventions of 2012, and Popular Science listed the Explorer on its 2013 Invention Awards list.

The Explorer is roughly the size of a softball and can be easily attached to an officer’s body for quick deployment. The ball features six cameras has the ability to transmit images up to 60 feet away and lasts about 30 minutes on “full flash intensity,” according to

The orb is coated in a hard rubber exterior capable of withstanding seven-foot drops onto concrete, making it durable enough to use in emergency situations. The images can be streamed instantly to both Android and Apple products. The Explorer is available to the public starting this week. Check out Bounce Imaging’s video of the Explorer in action.