Mexico Will Not Participate In Miss Universe Pageant

Taylor Beck Contributor
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Just in case NBC severing ties with Donald Trump was not enough, Mexico has now announced that it will not be participating in his Miss Universe pageant, CNN reports.

After Donald Trump made a variety of off-color comments about Latino illegal immigrants, many Spanish speaking networks quickly ruled they would not be putting up with The Donald.

The Mexican media company Televisa, in particular, struck back at Trump by saying it would not send a representative to the pageant. Former Miss Universe Lupita Jones was angered by Trump’s racist comments.

On Twitter Miss Jones stated, “As a Mexican I feel very offended and outraged, like everyone else — as Miss Universe I think Donald Trump is harming the organization.”

Currently, all other countries are set to participate in the pageant, including the United States who’s Miss USA pageant is set to take place July 12.