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TWITTER SMACKDOWN! Breitbart’s Boyle Does Not Know What A Flack Is

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Attention Breitbart News editors: Before Matthew Boyle accuses another reporter of being a flack, shouldn’t he know what one is? And shouldn’t he not act like one himself?

Watching Monday’s Twitter exchange between Boyle and CNN’s Chris Moody was a dizzying experience. At the root of Boyle’s meltdown: presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Boyle accused Moody of flacking for Trump. Later in the exchange he accused Moody of “flacking against” Trump.

Baby Boyle, please. Can we at least get the terminology right?

The fighters: Breitbart News reporter and Trump aficionado Matthew Boyle and CNN senior digital correspondent Chris Moody.

Who started it? Well, technically, Moody remarked on something concerning Trump. And then Boyle went crazy.

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Watch as accusations of flacking fly.

boyle-moodyScreen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.59.48 PM

There was a baiting quality to the fight.

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Boyle defended Trump and pondered the methods of Beltway journalists.

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Boyle eventually accused Moody of “flacking against” Trump.

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Can we please get a working definition of the word “flack?” From

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The attacks on Boyle’s brand of journalism were rampant.


A backgrounder:  If anyone is flacking for Trump, it’s Boyle. In January, he went on the real 14 karat gold airplane and wrote a serious suck up story. [RELATED: Breitbart News Admires Donald Trump’s Toilet]. He also squarely took Trump’s side in the Trump-BuzzFeed McKay Coppins debacle last year and basically let Trump dictate a story for Breitbart. After Coppins wrote a scathing profile of Trump, suddenly Breitbart News had a searing story about Coppins, a married Mormon who had suddenly transformed into a skeevy lech of a dude who “ogles” waitresses.

Would Boyle and Moody break bread after this? The Mirror asked each of these male journalists if he would consider dining with the other if asked. Boyle replied, “I’d love to sit down with Chris and his editor to discuss CNN’s new direction in political activism.” Moody was also amenable to the idea: “Of course. I had dinner with him in Texas just last November.”

Noteworthy: Both are Daily Caller alums.

Who won the fight? Not Boyle. We’ll leave it at that.