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Anonymous Woman Holds Alleged Fetus For Ransom

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The following text is from something called www.prolifeantiwoman.com. You can go there if you want, but I’m not linking to it.

How much would you pay to stop an abortion?

I am a twenty-six-year-old female and I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. I have every intention of having an abortion, but I’m giving you a chance to stop it.

I’m enrolled in a graduate program in a state that very recently passed extremely restrictive abortion laws that impose unnecessary waiting time to get an abortion and attempt to enforce rules that bypass the doctor/patient privacy privilege. I now feel more comfortable traveling to my home state to get an abortion than I do trying to get one here.

On July 7th I will start accepting donations on this page. I will accept donations for 72 hours, the same amount of time this state currently requires a woman to wait after a consultation with a doctor until she can have an abortion. If one million dollars is raised in those 72 hours then I’ll have the baby, give it up for adoption and every cent of that one million dollars will be put in a trust fund for the child, which he or she will have access to when they turn 21.

I’ll keep none of the money for myself so if I am to be vilified in this process, it can’t be for that. If the one million dollar goal is not met by the end of those 72 hours, any and all donations received will be refunded and I will have an abortion that I have already scheduled for July 10th in my home state. Mathematically this means that every one of the 157 million Americans that identify as pro-life needs to donate less than one cent to stop this abortion.

The backward direction this country is headed in terms of its treatment of women I feel is due in large part to the influence of the religious right disguised as the pro-life movement. The pro-life movement cares very little about saving lives and far more about controlling women by minimizing their choices in a wide variety of ways not the least of which is readily available reproductive health care.

I will do my best to remain anonymous in this process as what I aim to prove has nothing to do with me personally. I hope to give the American public a concrete example that the conservative right in America doesn’t actually care about the life of a child, they care about controlling the lives and choices of women. We have to acknowledge this and we have to stop it.

And then there’s a donation button, which presumably will go live on July 7.

Of course, there’s no way to know if this person is really pregnant, or even a woman. There’s no way to know what will be done with any money this anonymous person raises. There’s just a series of claims and promises, and apparently it’s supposed to prove something about the anti-abortion position.

Let’s say you’re contacted by a kidnapper who demands a ransom from you, or else someone will be killed. If you refuse to pay it, does that mean you advocate murder? Does that make you an accomplice? That seems to be what this anonymous extortionist is saying. “Pay up or the kid gets it. No? So much for your principles, then, you murderer.”

Holding your own child hostage. How moronic and disgusting.

I might consider making a donation to provide this person with some mental-health counseling. Until then, good luck with that.

(Hat tip: Opposing Views)

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Jim Treacher