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Quote of the Day:

“Toot toot yeahhhhh beep beep.”

Breitbart News‘ quit, fired and rehired reporter Lee Stranahan.

This female journo… is sick to death of hearing the phrase “You’ve got your hands full!” Find out why…see here.


Politico celebrates news of Affleck-Garner divorce

Since when is divorce “dessert”? 

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Media reporter has thoughts on Chick Fil-A chicken nuggets

“Let me tell you something about Chick Fil A. When you order chicken nuggets, it’s real chicken. Not a sponge shaped like a Peep.” — Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry.

Chris Cuomo weighs in on “trolls” 

“Trolls are easy. twitter creates/reveals worst in discourse. have a huge platform at cnn so only worth it if works.” — CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

The Observer

“If Hillary Clinton has taught us anything, it is never to send e-mails.” — Politico columnist Roger Simon. P.S. Congrats to Simon for winning the 2015 National Society of Newspaper Columnists Award for Humor Writing.

What bugs Anderson Cooper at the gym? 

“When the person near you on the gym treadmill is singing out loud, is it ok to
a) glare at them
b) ask them to stop
c) unplug their machine”

Bloomberg PoliticsDave Weigel remarked, “Just tell Wolf to knock it off.” (As CNN’s Brian Stelter might say, “Ugh, Wolf is the worst.” See here for more on that fiasco.)

Important question to ponder: “OK, so which of you bastards are clocking up 10+ then? “The average American gets nearly 9 hours of sleep each day” — The Sunday Times of London‘s Toby Harnden, remarking on this story about how the “average American” gets nine hours of sleep.

The Observer

“Not sure which to mute first: earnest social media posts about a celebrity divorce or “clever” ones about how dumb earnest ones are.” — BuzzFeed White House correspondent Evan McMorris-Santoro.

SHOCKER: Wesley Lowery and I agree on something 

“@moody stop being such a flack for/against Trump, Moody” — WaPo race reporter Wesley Lowery. See my post on the subject here.

On another note, Wesley still consumed with The Daily Caller

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Relationships can be overBLOWn, overrated 

“I find a certain sadness in ppl who cannot be “happily single,” those constantly clawing to be validated by pairing.” — NYT op-ed columnist Charles Blow.

HuffPost’s reporter cracks on Chris Christie

“I wonder if more people would vote for prom king of America than for president.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

Congratulations are in order to that ‘sexy’ beast Will Rahn 

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Ex-Washington City Paper reporter Moe Tkacik is a pregnant waitress

“Trying to write an essay about being a pregnant waitress but I keep nodding off and nearly drowning in my own drool. I really hope the drool goes away and I don’t drown the baby because I definitely generate enough drool to drown a baby. …wore belly support belt for busy shift today, greatly alleviating demonic back pain. came home, took it off, baby will not stop dancing.” — Moe Tkacik.