Family Research Council: ‘Hostility’ Toward Christians Is Giving Terrorists The ‘Green Light’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Speaking to First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said that in tolerating “our own government’s hostility for Christianity,” Americans are giving terrorists the “green light” to continue persecuting and killing people of all faiths in the Middle East.

If we step back and allow this growing intolerance of Christianity here at home at the hands of our own government, Christians — listen to me friends — will die…

We have a responsibility to speak because we have allowed our own government to send the message that, “Christians in America don’t care about Christianity at home. How could they possibly care about it in the Middle East?” …

I’m going to ask [American Christians] to look at their contemporaries in the Middle East who are losing their very lives for standing up for Jesus. We’re not being asked to die for Christ in America. We’re simply being asked to live for Christ in America, but when we as Christians shrink back from living for Jesus, and when we tolerate our own government’s hostility for Christianity, terrorists and tyrants in other countries will see that as a green light to persecute and kill our brothers and sisters, and we cannot tolerate that as Americans.”


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