‘Painting With Broad Brush’: Perry BLASTS Trump’s ‘Huge Error’ With Mexicans Comment

Al Weaver Reporter
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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry ripped real estate mogul Donald Trump for his recent comments on Mexicans Thursday, calling them a “huge error,” adding further that he was “painting with a broad brush” with the rhetoric.

In an interview on “Your World” with guest host Charles Payne, Perry said Trump’s comments were just “wrong,” pointing to the Hispanics that have fought for America, especially in his home state.

CHARLES PAYNE: You’re talking big tent, you’re talking inclusion. Now, you were also asked today about Donald Trump, some of the comments he’s made and the way he’s entered the GOP race. One thing that is undeniable is that he’s has made an amazing splash. He is rocketing up in the polls and certainly  resonating with a lot of GOP voters. What is he doing wrong in your opinion?

RICK PERRY: I don’t think he is reflecting the Republican Party with his statement about Mexicans. I think that was a huge error on his part and, number one, it’s wrong. When I think about the Hispanic in Texas, and I think about the individuals who have paid a great price, whether they were Tejanos at the Alamo in 1836 or whether it’s been as late as the last wars that we’ve had, when you see Hispanics being killed for America —

PAYNE: With all due respect, he didn’t talk about people who were here legally, Mexican or otherwise. He was saying that Mexico itself —

PERRY: Oh, but I would suggest to you he painted with a very broad brush, and I think that’s the problem. Yes, do we have some challenges? Nobody knows that border better than I do. Nobody has stepped into the fray on that border the way that I have —

PAYNE: But are they sending bad people over here? Listen, I guess that’s the point, because let’s face it, he is resonating. I’ll give you this, corporate America is dumping him like crazy, Macy’s, NBC, they’re all lining up. Even the the city of New York. To a certain degree, that may reflect the greater electorate, but it also is just galvanizing and making Donald Trump a legendary figure within your party because he is standing up, he’s not a politician and is not afraid. What would a career politician like you say to that?

PERRY: Well, what I would say is that we want somebody who has actually dealt with this before, not somebody that’s just going to shoot from the hip. And I will suggest to you I know how to secure the border, and the border security is the real issue here. It’s not painting with this broad brush that, obviously, I think Donald Trump painted with, where he tried to say Mexicans are bad people, they’re rapists and murderers. Yes, there are bad people that cross that border, but how about let’s get a commander-in-chief that knows how to secure the border, and at that particular time, we can have a conversation about how to deal with this immigration issue.