White Professor Informs White People They Are All Currently ‘COMPLICIT IN’ Slavery

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A humanities professor at a private college in Illinois has used his Twitter account and his website to inform America’s white people that they “are complicit in” slavery even if their long-dead ancestors never actually owned any slaves — and despite a 150-year American ban on slavery.

The professor is Adam Kotsko, an assistant professor at Shimer College, a tiny great books bastion on Chicago’s South Side.

Kotsko appears to have deleted the June 25 tweet, but a website called The Social Memo has documented it for posterity. Here is a screenshot:



In a similar July 1 post on his website, An und für sich, Kotsko flatly proclaims that “all white Americans are complicit with slavery.”

“People of ‘white’ races may have been enslaved in the past, but the fact that they are now recognized as ‘white’ means that the disadvantage that might have accrued from that history is no longer very relevant,” he goes on to pontificate. “Every white person benefits to some degree from the differential treatment of blacks. Sometimes, as in cases of extreme poverty or social marginalization, that benefit is negligible. In most cases, however, it is significant, constituting advantages in wealth, education, social status, and vulnerability to police violence.”

A June 30 post on Kotsko’s Word Press website is entitled: “Should white Americans commit mass suicide? If not, why not?”

A June 25 tweet of Kotsko’s, which he has not yet erased, asserts:



Kotsko’s recent rash of tweets and website posts is not his first which made news.

In January, the obscure professor experienced the amazing corrective power of the Internet after he boldly went on Twitter to tell the world that the horrifying Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in France was foreseeable because Charlie Hebdo is “a newspaper devoted to hate speech.”

“It’s no more surprising that someone would attack a newspaper devoted to hate speech than that someone would beat up Westboro protestors,” Kotsko wrote. (RELATED: Let’s Get To Know America’s Stupidest College Professor)

In the Jan. 7 attack, masked Islamist fanatics massacred 11 employees of the French satirical website.

After an actually foreseeable and instant storm of criticism, Kotsko responded by apologizing, and literally begging Salondotcom to delete screen-cap of the tweets.

“I had somehow gotten the impression that the publication in question was an exclusively anti-Muslim one, devotedly solely to insulting and marginalizing Muslims,” the professor who holds a Ph.D. in theology, ethics, and culture from Chicago Theological Seminary wrote in a later blog posting.

“Secondly, I did not realize the full scale of the attack, which does not appear to be the result of inarticulate rage (as I had initially envisioned) but of significant planning motivated by a political strategy that, while profoundly misguided and unrealistic, does make it something other than a crime of passion.”

“Unfortunately, someone screen captured them and reframed them as a justification of the attacks. I want to be clear that I did not intend to justify the attacks,” he bleated.

Kotsko has dispatched about 40,300 tweets into the Internet ether since March 2009.

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