George Will: Trump A ‘One-Man Todd Akin’ For GOP, Acting Like A ‘Democratic Mole’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Syndicated columnist George Will continued his line of attacks against real estate tycoon Donald Trump Sunday, likening his actions to that of a “Democratic mole” while calling him a “one-man Todd Akin” for the GOP on “Fox News Sunday.”

Will told guest host Shannon Bream Trump’s behavior thus far wouldn’t be much different than that of a Democratic operative, pointing out his tendency to “disrupt things” for the party. (RELATED: George Will: I Hope Trump Runs And Gets ‘Shellacked’ In GOP Primary)

“Well, Brit [Hume] is right here that there’s a double standard here. That the Republicans are uniquely identified with the unfortunate people in their own party,” Will said, referring to a point made by fellow panelist Brit Hume. “But ask yourself this thought experiment: If Donald Trump were a Democratic mole placed in the Republican party to disrupt things, how would his behavior be different? I don’t think it would be.”

“There’s all this new talk that it’s something to it about the Republican brand — picture him on stage in Cleveland,” Will argued. “He says something hideously inflammatory which is all he knows how to say, and then what do the other nine people on stage do? Do they either become complicit in what he said by their silence or do they all seriatim have to attack him?”

“The debate gets hijacked. The process gets hijacked, and at the end of the day, he’s a one-man Todd Akin,” Will said. “He’s Todd Akin with 10 different facets. That’s the gentleman in the [2012] election, said unfortunate things about rape, and every Republican was asked about them from then on.”

Will’s argument goes all the way back to Trump’s presidential announcement in which he said Mexican immigrants coming to America are people “that have lots of problems,” adding further while “some are good people,” others bring drugs, crime and are rapists.

The real estate mogul has long dawn the ire of Will, who once referred to Trump as a “bloviating ignoramus,” with him recently saying he hoped Trump would run so he would get “predictably shellacked.” (RELATED: George Will: Trump A ‘Bloviating Ignoramus’)