Hillary Campaign Poetry Slam Celebrates Malcolm X, Racial Violence, Transgender Activism

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The Hillary Clinton campaign held a “Poetry Slam for Civic Action” this weekend that featured a transsexual singer wondering what Fourth of July means to transgender people and poetry celebrating Malcolm X and racial violence.

The Clinton campaign’s Poetry Slam For Civic Action, held Sunday night at The Writer’s Block bookstore in Las Vegas, sought to stress “the importance of being civically involved and how you can play a role in electing Hillary as the next President of the United States!” according to the campaign.

Transgender poetry reader “Jazmynne,” identified by The Daily Caller as transsexual singer and entertainer “Lady Jazmynne,” performed at the event. Jazmynne was promoted by Hillary For Nevada as “dropping some deep words about transgender issues.”

Participants read from the poetry of civil rights activist Margaret Block, whose poem about voting or dying was shared on social media by Hillary For Nevada fellow Brandon LaShay. The poem celebrates Malcolm X’s violent 1964 ultimatum threatening President Lyndon Johnson with “The Ballot or The Bullet.”

But the Hillary campaign fellows reading their poetry, of course, were pretty white.

“Let the church of civic action say amen. #PoetsForHillary was superb,” Hillary campaign fellow LaShay tweeted after the event.