Apple Watch Sales Plummet 90 Percent

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Since its initial market debut during the April 10 launch week, the Apple Watch has seen its sales plummet 90 percent.

That week in particular saw the sale of about 1.5 million watches, or almost 200,000 a day, reported Tuesday.

Data collected by Slice Intelligence of Palo Alto, California, shows that Apple has been, on average, selling 20,000 watches a day, and sometimes dipping down to fewer than 10,000 units.

Slice Intelligence has access to electronic receipts sent to millions of consumers after a purchase is made, allowing it to accurately to gauge the success of a product.

Exacerbating the issue for Apple is the fact that two-thirds of the watches sold have been the “Sport” variety. This $349 model, although profitable, pales in comparison to the models starting at $549, where the real money can be made.

The solid gold “Edition” — costing upwards of $10,000 — has proved a monumental disappointment in the United States, selling fewer than 2,000 units.

Apple has declined to comment on the sales of their watch.