CNN: Hillary Will ‘Overplay Her Hand’ By Slamming Republicans On Immigration [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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Hillary Clinton, the shoe-in to receive the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, gave her first interview to CNN since declaring her candidacy on Tuesday, but CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that her immigration stance outlined in the interview — specifically her efforts to paint the Republican candidates “under the Donald Trump brush” — could actually backfire.

JAKE TAPPER: I was a little bit surprised that — if I got the Clinton quote — that she was describing the Republicans as being on a spectrum of ranging from “hostility toward immigrants” to “grudging acceptance.” 

To point out the obvious, Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican immigrant. I doubt that he would describe his relationship with his wife as ranging from hostility to grudging acceptance. It’s possible that this play she’s making for Latino voters could work, absolutely, but she should certainly not overplay her hand, I think.

MAEVE RESTON: Well, certainly, and she also aught to check her facts on where all the various candidates are on a pathway to citizenship. I talked to Lindsey Graham, for example, earlier today, and he said, “with all due respect, I’ve been for a pathway to citizenship for a long time”… She is trying to paint all of the candidates under the Donald Trump brush… You also have to remember that Clinton has a lot of work to do with Hispanics as well. There are a lot of people in this country — Latino voters — who feel that Democrats have not done enough for them and who are disappointed in President Obama… It’s something she’s going to have to work on in the coming months.

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