Pastor To Hispanic Congregation Speaks Out On Trump Immigrant Crime Statement

Samson Dunn Lead Pastor, Catalyst Church
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When did the facts become irrelevant?

I have watched in utter disgust as the left, led by the liberal media, have served up their version of the truth to the American people. This often total disregard for the facts was amusing, for a time, because it seemed absurd that anyone would give serious consideration to such obvious manipulation of the truth.

It’s not funny anymore.

Do they think Hispanics and other minority groups are ignorant or incapable of making decisions for themselves? I ask because I am told daily by the media how these communities feel about what goes on in Washington, but it’s not what I see and hear every day, working in one.

Look at the most recent in a long line of manipulations, from Donald Trump’s campaign speech.

No matter your feelings about Mr. Trump, it is obvious he is not your typical, polished, punctilious politician. I watched the speech with my family and noted a couple of poor word choices and a few statements that could have been phrased better. What I did not see was a man calling all Hispanics rapists or murderers or drug dealers.

The truth is, It would take a total disregard for fact to suggest that was his intent. From what I heard, Mr. Trump was saying America is being exploited by the Mexican government and the thousands of Illegal immigrants that are flooding our border. And what Trump said resonates with many Mexican-Americans who are frustrated that it has taken this long for someone to address an issue that they face every day.

That Trump’s speech has caused such out-of-proportion outrage proves demagoguery in this country has reached new heights. Today, if your view doesn’t line up with progressive thought, you are labeled racist or sexist or classist, and facts that support another viewpoint go by the wayside.

When did truth become relative, a tool to be twisted and shaped to fit a narrative? When did different ideas become out of bounds?

To compound the problem many of the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates weighed in on the matter. Most notably, Mitt Romney stated that Mr. Trump, “insulted the Mexican-American people.” My question is, where are these people you speak of Mr. Romney?

The hardworking Mexican-Americans I work alongside in the most crime ridden and impoverished communities in Phoenix are not insulted. They understand exactly who Mr. Trump was referring to. He was referring to the individuals that come into the country illegally and devastate many Hispanic communities.

The men and women I know are the ones affected most by the failed immigration policies of our government. These individuals live everyday with the fear, violence, and drugs that results from these criminal elements descending on their communities.

Take the recent murders last week in Texas and California. Two illegal immigrants reportedly committed murders after being in the system but not deported. In the California case the individual had previously been deported five times and had seven felony convictions. He confessed to killing his wife with a hammer.

In the Texas case, police had been called to the residence of the accused at least three times involving domestic disputes, yet the Border Patrol was never contacted. It was later confirmed that this individual had been deported four times previously.

This is the reality hard working Mexicans-Americans face every day. These individuals are not insulted by the statements of Donald Trump, but by the failed immigration policies, the exploitation of their situation by the left, and the individuals that claim to speak on their behalf but do not have their best interests at heart.

What we are being told today by the left and the media about our immigration crisis is not based in fact. Don’t take my word for it, go ask someone that has come to this country to take part in the American Dream, to make a better life for themselves. Ask them how they are affected by what is going on.