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South Carolina Senate Votes To Take Down That Flag The Democrats Created

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It’s been almost three weeks since Dylann Roof shot a bunch of people because he didn’t like the color of their skin. It’s about time South Carolina got rid of the flag that somehow made him do it.

Bill Chappell, NPR:

In a required third vote, South Carolina’s state senators voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from its prominent place flying on the Statehouse grounds. The final tally was 36-3. The House will now take up the issue, perhaps as early as Wednesday…

The bill that would take down the Confederate battle flag is expected to run into more opposition in the House, which has 124 members.

Let’s hope they do the right thing and vote to take down the flag that SC Governor Fritz Hollings (D) put up in 1961. If not, the Supreme Court should just declare that people have the right not to be forced to look at it. That’s how it’s done in America in 2015.

Sure, it won’t keep people from killing each other, but at least we can feel smugly superior to the Democrats who fought for the right to keep slaves. Have the textbooks been changed yet to refer to them as “Republicans”? We need to get on that. Revising history is a neverending task.

While we’re banning things, I hereby ban the following song because of its tangential relationship to the Confederate flag:

That song no longer exists. You will not have it stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome.