Whoopi Goldberg Defends Bill Cosby: ‘The 80s Weren’t For Everybody’ [VIDEO]

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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After a judge unsealed 2005 court documents on Monday where Bill Cosby admitted to giving women drugs with the intent of having sex with them, Whoopi Goldberg is maintaining her defense of the 77-year-old comedian.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Goldberg — who referred to herself as a “former quaalude user” — said she didn’t like “snap judgements.”

“I’m sorry the ‘80s, they weren’t fun for everybody, clearly,” Goldberg said.

“I think it is again, we’ll see what happens as more information comes out. I don’t like snap judgments because I’ve had snap judgments made on me so I’m very very careful. Save your texts, save your nasty comments, I don’t care.”

“And I say this because this is my opinion and in America, still, I know it’s a shock, we’re actually innocent until proven guilty.”

“He has not been proven a rapist.” (RELATED: Bill Cosby In Deposition: I Gave Women Drugs So I Could Have Sex With Them)