Hillary Clinton Runs A Phishing Scheme Involving Your Friends’ Birthdays


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In its latest fundraising email stunt, Hillary Clinton’s campaign operation is asking recipients to submit data about their birthdays and their friends’ birthdays — and those friends’ email addresses.

“Let me know when your birthday is,” the Wednesday afternoon missive from Clinton’s operatives is entitled. Then, the first line reads: “I really value your support — and I never like to miss the birthday of someone important to me.”

There are then two links to the same page on the 67-year-old Democratic candidate’s website.

“Just let me know when your birthday is, and I’ll make sure to send you a note on your big day!” reads one link.

“We’re part of a team together. We’re going to work hard and have a lot of fun through it all,” the message also promises. “Part of that is taking some time to celebrate and appreciate each other, and that’s what I’d like to do on your birthday.”

The Clinton campaign’s “your birthday” webpage requires visitors to provide their email addresses, zip codes and dates of birth.

If you submit those three pieces of information, you will then land on a new webpage pleading for cash. By contributing, you can become the geriatric Democrat’s “official supporter.” The appeal for money suggests amounts up to $250.

In a post script to the fundraising email, Clinton’s campaign squad urges: “P.S. If there’s anyone else you know who’d want in on this, you can add them here as well!”

The Daily Caller clicked on the words “you can add them here as well!” Doing so leads to a webpage titled “Send your friend a birthday card.” The page urges visitors to provide the names, email addresses, zip codes and birthdays of friends, acquaintances or, in fact, anyone.

Filling out that page leads again to the webpage pleading for cash.

If you enter your own email address on the Clinton campaign’s birthday-fundraising, you get a second email instantaneously.

“Your new favorite card,” this second email is called.

Things then become completely circular.

After saying “Hillary loves to celebrate birthdays,” the second “Hillary for America” email implores recipients to provide the names, email addresses, zip codes and birthdays of more people.

“But chances are, there are probably a few special people in your life who would also like to get note from a certain future President of the United States on their birthday, too,” the email explains.

“Go ahead and add them to the list,” the instructions say. “Send a card to a friend.”

The “Send a card to a friend” link then goes to “Send your friend a birthday card” webpage.

By providing the name, email address and birthday of a friend, you will once again be taken to the Clinton campaign’s webpage pleading for cash.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign raised $45 million just in the second quarter of 2015. (RELATED: YOU TOO Can Be A Republican Presidential Candidate In 2016)

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