CNN’s Jake Tapper Thinks All Indian People Look Alike, Mistakes Tan Woman For SC Gov. Nikki Haley [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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While awaiting the historic signing of a bill removing the Confederate flag from in front of the South Carolina legislature, CNN’s Jake Tapper revealed he thinks all Indian people look alike.

In fact, Tapper was so sure that “definitely-not-Nikki Haley” was the governor, that he interrupted his own sentence to announce her appearance on the floor.

For the record, here is the woman Tapper thought was Haley:

screenshot: CNN

screenshot: CNN

And here is the governor:

screenshot: CNN

screenshot: CNN

As a person of color, I find this super-duper offensive*.

If CNN allows this type of racial bigotry to go unchecked, then the “Emmanuel Nine” will have died in vain, and there’s really only one way to solve this egregious social injustice … #FireTapper.

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* This obviously doesn’t offend me, but if it happened on Fox News … well, you know.