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Congratulations To The Next Senator From Florida: Alan Grayson!

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Most politicians are boring. But then, most politicians aren’t Alan Grayson. Sure, he’s unusually creepy and dishonest even by the standards of 21st Century American politics, but at least he’s interesting.

Alex Jaffe, NBC News:

Rep. Alan Grayson’s reputation as a progressive bomb-thrower is exactly what’s made national Democrats fearful that his bid for Senate in Florida could cost them a top pickup opportunity.

But when he launched his bid on Thursday, he showed no signs of changing his tune.

“Frankly, one reason why Democrats are willing to crawl over hot coals naked to vote for me is because I’m willing to tell the truth,” he told NBC in an interview.

Go, Alan, go! This should be a fun race. He’s off to a great start: