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Hillary Clinton Interview Launches Wolf Blitzer To Distant Second Place

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Sure, Hillary Clinton looked terrible and told a bunch of lies during the first TV interview of her disastrous presidential campaign. But she was ratings gold!

Courtesy of Zap2It.com, here are the cable news ratings for 5PM on Tuesday:


Compare that with Monday evening’s ratings:


See that? In the 25-54 demo, CNN went from over one-third of FNC’s ratings on Monday to almost two-thirds of FNC’s ratings on Tuesday. Yeah, keep telling us how unpopular Hillary Clinton is, wingnuts!

CNN repeated the interview Tuesday night at 8:


Which was a big difference from the previous night:



Why even bother holding an election? We all know Hillary’s going to win, no matter what she says and does between now and November 2016. People love her and they can’t get enough of her.

Hillary Clinton is inevitable. Hillary Clinton is unstoppable. Just give up, teabaggers!

Update: Did I mention BOOM?