Convicted Fmr Virginia Governor Maintains Innocence

Timothy Meads Contributor
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Bob McDonnell committed numerous acts of corruption by accepting gifts and loans from mega-donor Jonnie Williams, according to Richmond’s 4th Circuit Of Appeals.

The former governor’s legal team maintains that since McDonnell never promised anything tangible, Williams never received any special or preferential treatment. The jury disagreed and sided with U.S. Attorney Dana Boente.

Boente went on to thank “special agents with the FBI’s Richmond Division, the Virginia State Police, and IRS-Criminal Investigations for their hard work and commitment to this case.”

Despite their family receiving well documented lavish vacations, clothing, dinners, and other monetary gifts from Jonnie Williams, the McDonnells continue to claim their innocence. The entire argument for McDonnell rests on the claim that McDonnell never made an explicit promise to Williams.

Gov. McDonnell himself made several appearances in public with the donor, all which the plaintiff argues helped Williams benefit both economically and socially. While there was no evidence of a direct symbiotic relationship with gifts exchanged for political benefits, the payola is glaringly obvious.

“The fight for justice for our client is far from over.” claimed, McDonnell’s top lawyer and pledged to continue on and review all remaining legal option to clear his client of any wrongdoing.

Corruption charges against public servants are nothing shocking or dumbfounding. Yet, a case such as this strikes particular accord with citizens of Virginia due to the arrogance and apparent lack of remorse displayed by Bob McDonnell.

McDonnell’s argument implies one of two options: He is either highly naive and failed to realize the gravitas of the governorship and the lucrative profits his friendship brought to private citizens. Or option number two, relaying a more sardonic viewpoint; he truly believes the people of Virginia are so callow in recognizing plain as day double-dealing, that he could get away with cronyism.