Man Arrested For Trespassing In Neighbor’s Hog Barn…Naked

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65-year-old Larry William Henry was charged Wednesday with criminal trespassing, public drunkenness, and indecent exposure after being found drunk and naked in a neighbor’s hog barn.

On June 26, Henry was caught trespassing on a Coffee Street Road farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, reported Lancaster Online.

Henry was banned from that farm in 2011 after being found trespassing then as well.

Police noted that Henry emitted an odor of alcohol, to which Henry admitted drinking a six-pack of “Hamm’s beer made by Miller Brewing Company.”

After being charged, Henry was released by the court on $25,000 bail.

When asked by police why he was trespassing on his neighbor’s property and naked in their hog barn, Henry had a pretty simple explanation.

“I just like pigs,” Henry said.

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