Professor Says Successful Blacks Perpetuate ‘White Supremacy,’ Stacey Dash Proves Her Wrong

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An associate professor of women’s and ethnic studies at University of Colorado Colorado Springs stated in a radio interview that certain African Americans and black celebrities, such as Stacey Dash, are proliferating “white supremacy” by just being successful. In a statement provided only to The Daily Caller, Dash had a scathing response.

Stephany Rose

Stephany Rose — also the author of “Abolishing White Masculinity from Mark Twain to Hiphop: Crises in Whiteness” — was interviewed on an online radio show, originally reported by The College Fix.

On the radio show, Rose claimed that the ideology of white supremacy continues to exist, not only due to white people themselves, but because of non-white communities as well.

“White supremacist ideology is alluring. [And] not just to those that identify as white,” Rose said. “But because it is the norm in terms of the dominative narrative because it is such a normalized perspective, that there are people regardless of race, regardless of ethnicity, that buy into what white supremacist ideology is. And that’s the only way that hegemony works.”

Rose specifically scrutinized black celebrities who buy in to the notion that “the American dream is available to any and everyone as long as you work hard.”

“It doesn’t help when we have prominent black people in media perpetuating [this] idea,” Rose said. “It’s really difficult, I find, to try to have the conversations we want to have and do the things we want to do when people’s thought is still stuck there.”

In trying to solidify her argument, Rose mentioned Stacey Dash- — an African-American actress and Fox News contributor — as the epitome of a celebrity who perpetuates white supremacy by being a success who believes in and exemplifies the “American dream.”

“When you come across these individuals like a Stacey Dash,” Rose said, “There is this idea that they buy into the mythology of merit, and meritocracy, and the American dream is available to any and everyone one as long as you work hard.”

Dash, however, does not agree with Rose in that she perpetuates any such ideology.

“We must realize that we are, all of us, living in a form of psychological prison in which history has placed us,” Dash told The Daily Caller in an exclusive statement.

Dash argues that rather than further dividing society by remaining bound by the norms of the past, we should be making the active effort to unite and progress forward.

“[It’s] a history that should not be ignored nor forgotten,” Dash said. “But one from which we must learn.”

In regards to Rose’s claims about the “American dream” ideology, Dash contends that the American dream is not achieved by at an individual level, but instead can only be reached collectively as a society.

“Until we understand that we need each other, all of us, all of God’s creations,” Dash told TheDC. “The American dream will never be fully REALIZED nor achieved by anyone.”

“Specifically,” Dash said, “[Our] history must not dictate our future.”

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Image attribution: Stephany Rose [SOURCE: YouTube/John Register]