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Activist For Women: ‘Hillary Clinton Does Not Represent Me’

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Demonstrating that all women do not rally to gender victimhood and the campaign cries of Democrat women, Susan Dench, a Maine activist says in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller, “Hillary Clinton does not represent me.”

“Going into a $12 million mansion for $2700 a plate dinners and raising money from all these nefarious sources is not who I am,” Dench said.

Continuing, Dench explained that even Clinton’s ardent supporters can’t name her accomplishments as secretary of state. “There’s crickets. Benghazi is not an accomplishment; it is a disaster.”

Pitting people against each other is not working, according to Dench. She says citizens just want to be the best they can be and live to their potential. We need the empowerment of women, not the Democrat’s claiming of a war on women, Dench said.

Out of frustration with the reelection of President Obama in 2012, Dench formed the Informed Women’s Network in her spare time just by asking some friends to gather and bring a friend.  Today, aside from her full time real work with, she has six chapters of IWN with 500 women in Maine who are turning heads as they raise their voices in this liberal Northeast state. Conservative women in other states are beginning to inquire how to replicate their own chapters based on Dench’s successful model of activism.

In this 32-minute video interview, the energetic Dench demonstrates some of the props IWN uses for civic engagement. She often will use a miniature spine, shown in the interview, to remind politicians what citizens expect once in office. Other props include an empty pocket book, duct tape for citizens not being bullied into silence, a megaphone to lift citizens’ voices and more.

Dench owns her own company,, and is a marketing and empowerment trainer. In the past, Dench wrote a column for the Bangor Daily News and was recommended as a trustee to the University of Maine. She describes how left-wing feminists attacked and smeared her with false allegations, upset at her views and affiliations with such figures as Col. Allen West, denying her the appointment on the Board of Trustees at the University of Maine that that Maine’s governor recommended her for.

For more on Susan Dench, follow her on Twitter. Her book, “Connectworking: a Savvy Women’s Guide to Turning Small Talk into Big Business” is available here.

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