Pfeiffer: Scott Walker, Not Jeb, Who Dems Need To Worry About In 2016 [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Former White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer argued Sunday on “State of the Union” that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, not former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is who Democrats need to be concerned about on the GOP side of the 2016 race.

Pfeiffer told CNN’s Dana Bash Walker would be “tougher to beat” than Bush because of the contrast Democrats could use going back to the track record of George W. Bush’s presidency.

“For Democrats, who would be tougher to beat — Jeb Bush or Scott Walker?” Bash asked.

“Scott Walker,” Pfeiffer said without hesitation. “Because the best case Republicans can make is change vs. more of the same. If we’re going to run over a repeat of the Bush years, Democrats would love to have that.”

Pfeiffer, a longtime White House aide to President Barack Obama, got some pushback, with CNN senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar saying Marco Rubio is who Democrats should try to avoid.

The pair made their remarks ahead of Walker’s Monday presidential announcement.