CNN Anchor On Hillary Proposals: ‘All These Things Sound Like They Need A Tax Increase’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Reacting to Hillary Clinton’s Monday address on the economy, “CNN Newsroom” anchor Carol Costello remarked that the preeminent proposals in the speech are all going to necessitate a tax increase.

While interviewing a guest for feedback on Clinton’s address, Costello pointed out Clinton’s proposals, such as raising the minimum wage and expanding paid family leave and medical leave, adding in finality that “all of these things sound like they need a tax increase.”

“So Hillary Clinton is laying out her economic plan and she’s going to talk about — let me see, I have a list here. She wants to increase investment in good paying jobs through tax incentives. She wants to support small business tax relief. She wants to establish clean energy products that would kind of like create jobs,” Costello said. “She wants to expand child care and paid family leave and sick days.”

“All of these things sound like they need a tax increase,” Costello told Monica Mehta, the managing principal for Seventh Capital investment. “Am I right?”

Mehta told the CNN host that “well, you gotta pay for it some how,” before adding, “I like what she has to say.”