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Hillary Clinton ‘Complies’ With Benghazi Investigation By Submitting Articles About Richard Gere

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Laws don’t apply to Hillary Clinton. Rules don’t apply to Hillary Clinton. And she makes no secret of her contempt for laws and rules.

I didn’t see the following exchange last Friday, and neither did you, because it was on CNN. But it’s worth curating, in case future generations want to know what Hillary was all about:

“We have narrowed what we asked for. We asked for what we really needed, the first time. They begged us to narrow it, so we narrowed it. Which, still like pulling teeth to get the information. But you know what we got last week? We got 3,600 pages, half of which were press clippings, including articles about Richard Gere. So if that is their idea of complying with a congressional investigation, then we are going to be at this for a long time.”

Of course, Hillary’s supporters don’t care. Hell, they’re actually glad she’s flouting the law. They’re happy that she disdains her own responsibilities. They don’t care about being lied to, as long as the liars are on their side.

And Hillary Clinton is a liar.

(Hat tip: Debra Heine)