No One Knows The Details Of Hillary’s Economic Policies, Not Even Her Economic Advisor [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech outlining her economic policies on Monday, and while she made many overarching claims about taking power away from Wallstreet and fixing income inequality, her national address contained a shockingly low number of actual policy details. (RELATED: Hillary Slams ‘Criminal Banks’ In Econ Speech, Despite Receiving Millions From Them [VIDEO])

Furthermore, when MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts questioned Clinton’s economic advisor Gene Sperling over the lack of actual policy points in the former secretary of state’s speech, it became readily apparent they don’t really exist at this point in time.

ROBERTS: One thing people seem to be asking is ‘where are the details?’ So, where are they?

SPERLING: In terms of the details, we’ve got a long ways to go, and what she was doing in this speech was putting out the fundamental frame that is the overall distinction between her and the Republican approach you hear … 

ROBERTS: Hold on, just a second. She’s putting out overarching themes but not giving the details…

SPERLING: No that is completely not fair, and because, well listen. It is July 2015, and she has already put out some specifics. You’re going to see more details and specifics … You know what, Thomas. I’m not going to presume to get ahead of the person I advise.

[h/t: Mediaite]

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