Olivia Munn’s X-Men Costume Is So Tight They Had To Lubricate Her So She Could Squeeze In It [VIDEO]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Olivia Munn plays Psylocke in the new “X-Men: Apocalypse” film, and the 35-year-old revealed just how much her character resembles the one in the comic book — latex suit and all.

“They lube me down and I step into this latex,” Munn said during Comic-Con. “We did a whole latex fitting.”

“I just blacked out,” Conan O’Brien said.

“They lubricate the costume and they lubricate me, so there’s two, um. Two women lube me up,” Munn said to laughs from the audience.

Olivia Munn lubricated

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“The first day I put on the latex suit, I was out there and I was really excited to be with these guys. I met Michael and James, everybody, and I was just so excited. I was like, ‘OK, I wanna do like a really good job,’ and I just popped the crotch. The latex just broke.” (VIDEO: Olivia Munn Is A Sword Slinging Bada** While Aaron Rodgers Kind Of Just Stands There)