Pelosi Gets Turned Away From Hamptons Restaurant And Kept Up Until 4AM

James Longley Contributor
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Nancy Pelosi had a rough trip to the posh summer enclave of Southampton, N.Y. Saturday.

Pelosi stayed at Capri, a trendy destination with many celebrity sightings. It has rooms that regularly go for as much as $800 according to its website.

It is located on the main drag of Southampton, County Road, near many shops. It is an 11-minute walk to the beach.

According to The New York Post Pelosi first had trouble at Capri’s restaurant, Beautique, which features such entrees as steamed lobster for $49. The House minority leader did not make a reservation and was turned away while other big names like Howard Stern enjoyed their dinner.

Beatuque did accommodate her by bringing her room service.

A Pelosi spokesman told the Post her security detail ate at McDonald’s and only one staffer dined with Pelosi on the pricey fare in her room.

Later that night, Pelosi was kept awake while revelers raged at the Beautique’s lounge which opens at 10 p.m. and closes at 4 a.m.

Here is a picture from a Capri tweet of Saturday night. The party and music kept Pelosi from sleeping.

Despite not sleeping until 4 a.m. the 75-year-old apparently did not complain. A Post source said, “Pelosi told people she didn’t get much sleep Saturday night, but she didn’t make a fuss or complain to the hotel.”

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