Finding A Case That Fits YOU

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Everyone is different, and, as the old saying goes, phone cases are a window to the soul. Check out these five cases that are unique to five different personalities. Some are functional, some fashionable, and some for the patriotic sports fan.

Always On The Go –> Extra Battery Case

For those who are always running low on battery power through the energy costs of modern life, this portable charging case will provide your phone with 125% extra battery life and a few minutes of extra time (which you need).

Netflix Binger –> Kickstand

Instead of propping your phone up on your pillow when trying to get just one more show in before bedime, get this handy kickstand case, which makes it easy to abuse your Netflix account. Plus, it protects your phone.

Watersports Fanatic –> Waterproof

Keep yourself and your phone above water by getting the new waterproof case that you can take into, on, or through the waves this summer. Waterproof cases also let you cool down after your day outside with music in the shower.

You’re So Fancy –> Luxury Case

Keep your iPhone 6 just as fancy as you with this sleek, shiny, aluminum case. All the glitz of luxury without the cost makes this case worth your money and your wardrobe.

Passionate Sports Fan –> USA Women’s Team Pride


Show your pride for US Women’s soccer team with this patriotic celebratory case. Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup is every four years, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of it.