La Raza Leader: Trump A Racist ‘By Definition’

Taylor Beck Contributor
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In the wake of Donald Trumps contextually confusing comments regarding Mexican immigrants, Janet Murguía, who leads the National Council of La Raza, said Trump’s comments are “by definition, racism” in a speech Tuesday afternoon, reports Politico.

Marguía, in a pre-released interview ahead of her Tuesday speech, warned the Republican Party about the consequences of a figure like Donald Trump. In her speech, Marguía will likely further criticize Trump’s off-color comments.

Ahead of her comments, many Democratic leaders including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders discussed their utter disdain Trump’s comments to a crowd of Hispanic activists.

Murguía said Republicans need to know that Donald Trump is not just a comedic sideshow, but that he could truly hinder other reputable Republican candidates from receiving the Hispanic vote.

“To the leadership of the Republican Party and its candidates for president, I have this to say: What’s your excuse?”

She ultimately fears that the slow response by Republicans will further the stigma that the party is filled with bigots and backward ideas.

“They’re perilously close to really damaging their brand with Latino voters, and time is not their friend,” Murguía said.