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Quote of the Day:

“The men’s room at Taylor Swift is not super crowded.”

Logan Dobson, aide to Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.).

SPOTTED: Julia Louis Dreyfus at WaPo 


Frightened reporter encounters Julia in the WaPo bathroom

“Went to the bathroom. Came out to find Julia Louis-Dreyfus washing her hands at the sink. Smiled and fled. #Washpostlife” — Lydia DePillis.

Mediaite writer takes a nasty (but kinda funny) jab at Mika Brzezinski 

“We turn now to MSNBC’s nuclear development correspondent, Mika Brzezinski.” — Mediaite‘s Evan McMurry.

Author can’t handle more GOP names, goes on Twitter deleting spree 

“Having to unfollow excellent accounts on Twitter at least temporarily. Cannot bear any more of W****r,T***p, other GOP names, faces. No.” — Joyce Carol Oats, who wrote We Were The Mulvaneys, Blonde and them.

The Observer

“I lost count what number is Scott Walker in the Republican field of presidential candidates?” — America Urban Radio White House correspondent April Ryan.

WaPo feature writer unimpressed with Scott Walker 

“This is my first time seeing/hearing Scott Walker speak. Is he kidding? Is everyone? (Not talking politics; talking demeanor, delivery.)” — WaPo Style writer Dan Zak.

The Media Observer 

“Wow, CNN lost their signal during Netanyahu press conference.” — Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross.

Another journalist can’t stand Lena Dunham

“The last thing the world needs is a Lena Dunham newsletter.” — Mitchell Sunderland, Vice.

The Fashion Critic 

“Why are the Walker sons dressed up in suits, but Scott wearing no tie and sleeves rolled up?” — Philip Rucker, national political correspondent, WaPo.

Speaker Boehner finds a way to insult Hillary Clinton

“Boehner on Hillary Clinton’s visit to the Capitol today: I wonder if she brought her emails with her.” — Arlette Saenz, ABC News digital journalist.

Day in the Life

“You go to bed thinking your column is going to say one thing on #Greece and then you have to tear it up and rewrite in 10 mins. Good times!” — Politico’s Ben White.

Gone Fishing…

“Week of vacation.” — Michael Kruse, senior staff writer, Politico.

Atlantic‘s Goldberg upsets the Anti-Defamation League 

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.00.50 AM

Liberal journo wants Scott Walker to shut up

“Uhm, if @GovWalker thinks he’s appealing to Independents, he might want to STFU…asap.” — MSNBC contributor and Blue Nation Review editor-in-chief Jimmy Williams.

Are these male journalists over exercising? 


In a disgusting display of overexertion, Mother Jones’ Ben Dreyfuss and’s Alex Abad-Santos boast about their cycling. It doesn’t appear to matter who Bart is. The North Carolinian somehow injected himself into the conversation. He nonetheless poses an interesting question. 

DREYFUSS: I did two SoulCycles today. I’m basically a Spartan.

ABAD-SANTOS: Ben, did you know that they don’t let you do more than three in one day?

ABAD-SANTOS: I had signed up for three in one day, and one of the front desk employees was like — “That’s the limit, you know?”

DREYFUSS: Really?? I did two yesterday. They won’t let you do four in a day? I want to try it now.

BART: What if you did three at one location, and then went somewhere else to do additional sessions?

DREYFUSS: That wouldn’t work. it’s all booked through the central app.

ABAD-SANTOS: I don’t think 4 is legal. You might have to sign in under a different name.

ABAD-SANTOS: Ben, have you taken Charlee? I heard she is the best.

DREYFUSS: No, I haven’t! My favorite is Kelly. I’m going to look Charlee up.