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POLITICROOKS: ‘Post-Traffic’ Politico Won’t Give Us Any

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Leave some cash on the nightstand, Politico.

Do something.

In a real dirtbag move Tuesday, Politico writer Adam B. Lerner wrote a story about Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum using quotes from an interview The Daily Caller conducted with the candidate Monday.

The story cites The Daily Caller but includes no link. Meanwhile, the story links to both WaPo and Newsweek. So we know Lerner is capable of linkage, he just chose not to.

At least on paper Lerner’s a smart guy: A Cornell grad, summa cum laude, a researcher for POLITICO Magazine. His Politico bio even says he speaks three languages: Spanish, French, Hindi and “garbled Italian.” On a side note apropos of nothing: He has two cats. (You hear that Daily Beast‘s Will Rahn?)

Politico has declared that it no longer gives two shits about traffic — but when you borrow quotes from another publication the least you can do is provide a link. It’s common journalistic courtesy.

The pub didn’t totally whip out its Benny Johnson on this one.

But it might as well have.

Please note: The Mirror will not link to Lerner’s story. No links for losers.