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Shepard Fairey Turns Himself In To Detroit PD For Vandalism

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Finally, some good news today. Shepard Fairey can’t be arrested for his Crimes Against Art, but they can get him on vandalism.

Ann Zaniewski and Robert Allen, Detroit Free Press:

World-renowned street artist Shepard Fairey was arraigned today on felony charges that he illegally tagged public and private property in the city. His bond was set at 10% of $75,000, and he is expected to be released today…

He is accused of causing about $9,000 in damage to nine illegally tagged properties while he was in Detroit in May. He was invited here for commissioned work that included an 18-story mural on One Campus Martius for Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock Real Estate Services and others.

Fairey faces two counts of malicious destruction of property, which carry a maximum penalty of five years in jail, plus fines that could exceed $10,000.

Of course, this will only increase his street cred among his fans and other people who want to get back at their parents. If he spends a single minute in prison for this, I’ll be surprised. He can make that money back by selling crappy t-shirts with his Photoshopped mug shot. Then he can get back to his usual plagiarism and hypocrisy.

But hey, at least the fraud who gave us “HOPE” is having a bad day.