Taxpayer-Funded Professor: ‘Terrifying’ ‘Similarities’ Between Scott Walker And HITLER

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A sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has used her Twitter account to explain how Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker strongly resembles Adolf Hitler because Walker advocated a state budget repealing state tenure guarantees and slashing higher-education spending.

The taxpayer-funded professor is Sara Goldrick-Rab, reports The College Fix.

Here is a screenshot of a July 1 tweet by Goldrick-Rab discussing the apparent “terrifying” “similarities” between Hitler and Walker:


Hitler was a Nazi tyrant and mass slaughterer. Walker is a longtime Republican politician from the suburbs of Milwaukee.

A day later, Goldrick-Rab called the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and “many” Wisconsin lawmakers “fascists”:


In a statement to The College Fix, Goldrick-Rab doubled down on her comparison between Hitler and Walker.

“I have taken time out of my unpaid vacation to respond,” the professor began.

“If you reread the tweet, you will see that I stated that an expert in the field — a psychoanalyst with decades of experience — compared the ‘psychological characteristics’ of the two individuals, and that I was struck by his analysis. There do appear to be commonalities.”

Goldrick-Rab does not appear to clarify any of these “commonalities.”

“I’m confident you are capable of seeing the difference between such an assessment and equating the whole of two different people,” Goldrick-Rab added.

Goldrick-Rab, a very prolific tweeter, appears to have a strong, disturbing and deep-seated hostility toward Walker.

On July 12, she suggested that Walker had personally “robbed” her of her tenure at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


The new Wisconsin law ends the state’s unique practice of tenure by statute. Hereafter, each school’s board of regents will decide whether professors have tenure protections. (RELATED: Walker Wins: New Budget Will Repeal University Tenure)

In June, Goldrick-Rab told state lawmakers in a finance committee meeting she would find a new job if Wisconsin passed a law making tenure non-statutory, notes The Cap Times.

On July 2, Goldrick-Rab accused Walker and state legislators of causing “the end of democracy, Walker-style”:

4Additionally, on July 12, Goldrick-Rab blamed Walker for forcing her children “out of their home state” and taking “mom’s job.”


By all accounts, the deeply bitter professor still has a job and is living wholly unencumbered and on the public payroll in Wisconsin.

In her own mind, Goldrick-Rab is a reasonable person and Walker, her nemesis, is “the true loser”:


In other tweets, she has called Jimmy Carter an “extraordinary national treasure” and complained that she is “very disappointed” that the American Federation of Teachers has endorsed Hillary Clinton when Bernie Sanders “is the far better candidate.” (RELATED: Surprise! Teachers Union Endorses Hillary Clinton)

Goldrick-Rab received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 — 11 years ago.

Her Facebook page features a fascinating montage of imagery. There is an image of members of the Nation of Islam along with members of the Bloods and Crips gangs in Baltimore. There is a group of protestors standing behind an unfurled “Black Lives Matter” banner. And there are images of “the briniest, freshest, most perfectly shucked Lousiana [sic] oysters” as well as high-end purses for sale (“Just snagged the blue one!”).

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