Clinton Camp: Jeb’s Fundraising ‘Of Great Concern,’ Hillary’s ‘Very Worried’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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The Clinton campaign is making it clear: They have great concerns with Jeb Bush and his prolific fundraising.

Appearing on “With All Due Respect,” Hillary For America communications director Jennifer Palmieri said that Hillary Clinton and her campaign are “very worried” with Bush’s fundraising.

Palmieri told Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and Joshua Green that the $114 million raised by the former Florida governor and affiliated Super PACs is also “of great concern.

“Jeb Bush and his affiliated Super PAC have raised $114 million. You and yours, $65 million,” Green told Palmieri. “Is it your view and Hillary Clinton’s view that Jeb Bush is going to out-raise you.”

“Yes,” Palmieri said unequivocally.

“Yes? Without a doubt?” Halperin asked.

“Yes. Without a doubt,” Palmieri responded. “Yes, and it’s of great concern. These Super PAC’s are going to out-raise us.”

Later on in the broadcast, when discussing Clinton’s relationship with Bush, Palmieri said that while the pair don’t know each other very well, Clinton and her team are “all concerned” with his fundraising ability.

“She’s very worried about how much money he’s raising,” Palmieri said. “We are all concerned about that.”

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