Jim Webb: Iran Deal Shows U.S. ‘Accepting The Eventuality That’ Iran ‘Will Acquire A Nuclear Weapon’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb told “The Diane Rehm Show” that the Iran deal shows the U.S. is “accepting the eventuality that” the Iranians “will acquire a nuclear weapon.”

DIANE REHM: You feel at this point having not read through the entire agreement that there are insufficient safeguards as far as the Iranians are concerned.

JIM WEBB: My concern really is that at the bottom line of the agreement, here is what we have. We have Iran having their sanctions lifted, having a number of these other issues with respect to their activities not addressed. And having the rest of the region receiving a signal, that we, the United States, are accepting the eventuality that they will acquire a nuclear weapon. So however you get through the checks and the measures as this agreement moves forward, it looks like that’s where we end up after ten years.