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#NotAllMuslims Hold Woman At Knifepoint In Rome, While Screaming ‘Allah Is Great’


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I guess this genius figured, “When in the Colosseum…”

Hannah Roberts, Daily Mail:

A tourist was forced to her knees at knifepoint at Rome’s Colosseum in a terrifying attack that recalled an ISIS-style execution.

Hundreds of horrified visitors to the Italian landmark looked on as the attacker held a kitchen knife to the neck of a 26-year-old woman and yelled ‘Allah is great’ and ‘It is God that sends me’.

The man held Chiara Frisco hostage for several minutes as he yelled religious fanaticism at the crowd with police powerless to act.

Too bad he wasn’t waving a Confederate flag while he did it. Then there’d be some international outrage.

The cops showed up, the coward ran off with the woman in tow, and they chased him down and arrested him. She’s shaken up, but she wasn’t physically harmed.

Buona fortuna in prigione, stronzo. Fortunatamente per la donna innocente, sei troppo incompetente per ottenere i vostri 72 vergini. Mangiare merda e vivere.