Obama Doesn’t Care About Your Posh Vacation, FAA Grounds Private NYC Flights

Timothy Meads Contributor
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President Barack Obama is heading to New York City this weekend, but his lavish trip is forcing Hampton beachgoers to ground their private jets and helicopters.

The Federal Aviation Authority has issued a no fly zone this Friday that will last until Saturday afternoon. The flight restriction spreads over a 16 mile ring encompassing New York City.

Ironically, Obama is there for a sumptuous Democrat fundraiser filled with potential victims of this no fly ban. The zone will effect mainly the ultra wealthy, who regularly fly in and out of the greater New York City area for weekend getaways.

After leaving the posh unnamed Manhattan Hotel, Obama will venture out to see the Broadway play, “Hamilton”, on Saturday. The play is a hip-hop themed musical about Alexander Hamilton.

Commercial flights will continue as normal, but private companies like the helicopter firm Blade will have to make adjustments. The company sent an email to customers advising them to change their plans. The cost for such an extravagant form of transportation ranges from $600 to $3,500.

Some residents welcome the ban. One Hampton local offered a vivacious and expressive description of whats its like to have the air traffic buzz over head.

“It’s like the apocalypse is descending on top of your house, it’s an ill bird that fouls its nest. And that’s what’s happening here. These people are coming out to Paradise. And then they’ll foul the nest and leave,” said Patricia Currie, a local of an opulent Hampton hamlet.

Timothy Meads