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SMOOTH MOVES: Politico Editor’s Hubby Doles Out Gushing Compliment For Politico Scribe

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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When your wife is the editor of Politico, probably a good move to offer gushing compliments about her writers.

NYT Washington reporter Peter Baker has a certain penchant for giving lots of love to Politico reporters and for quietly playing Politico publicist when the need arises. It makes sense: His wife is Politico editor Susan Glasser.

Thursday’s lucky recipient of Baker’s praise: Politico “FABULOUS” White House correspondent Glenn Thrush.

The kind gesture that could bring positive vibes on the home front later tonight involved Thrush’s story on President Obama. The headline says it all: “Meet ‘Drama’ Obama.” The news peg is Wednesday’s White House press conference in which Obama lost it on CBS’s Major Garrett and easily ignored questions posed by ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

Thrush had a two (sort of) word reply: “Tks sir.”

Is Baker becoming Politico‘s defacto publicist? Shouldn’t he get paid this?

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