Jeb Bush: I Will NOT Repeal Iran Deal On Day One

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Is Jeb even trying to win “The Sheldon Primary” anymore?

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush lobbed a not-so-subtle blow at his rival Scott Walker at a campaign stop Friday in Carson City, Nevada, mocking Walker’s claim that he would repeal President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal on day one of his presidency.

“At 12:01 on January, whatever it is, 19th [2017], I will not probably have a confirmed secretary of state; I will not have confirmed national security team in place; I will not have consulted with our allies. I will not have had the intelligence briefings to have made a decision,” Bush said in Nevada. “If you’re running for president, I think it’s important to be mature and thoughtful about this.”

Republican billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a staunch supporter of Israel, privately criticized the Bush campaign’s decision to allow its foreign policy adviser James Baker to give a speech to the left-wing Israel lobbying group J Street.

The New York Times reported that other national security-oriented interests in the party seem to be miffed at Bush. And more surprisingly, a recent cover of the paleoconservative magazine The American Conservative touted, “Jeb vs. the Neocons?”

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