Wisconsin Professor Who Stalked Teens On Twitter Also Doesn’t Understand Twitter

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The professor who randomly stalked teenagers just out of high school on Twitter and tweeted that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker resembles Adolf Hitler is now attempting to hide her tweets from The Daily Caller.

The professor is Sara Goldrick-Rab of the sociology department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (RELATED: Wisconsin Prof Sent THESE TWEETS To Random Freshmen, Compared Scott Walker To Hitler)

On Friday night, here is what happened when TheDC attempted to view Goldrick-Rab’s Twitter feed:


When a Twitter user blocks a user from an account, Twitter then limits “your account’s ability to interact with that user,” the social networking service explains.

TheDC has never attempted to interact with Goldrick-Rab on Twitter. Thus, she has experienced no interaction with TheDC to block.

There is no way to prevent the general public — including anyone who is “blocked” — from viewing the contents of a public Twitter account. Public accounts, which are the default on Twitter, “are visible to anyone, whether or not they have a Twitter account.”

For example, here in all of its 83,500-tweet glory is Goldrick-Rab’s Twitter account. It is accessible to anyone with an Internet browser:


Blocking on Twitter can be a useful tool to avoid harassing tweets. Say, for example, you are a teenager who just graduated from high school and some professor who is twice your age randomly contacts you out of nowhere. You might feel weird about that. You might choose to block that person from further contact.

Goldrick-Rab’s attempt to block TheDC from her publicly-available Twitter account is especially bizarre in light of this tweet from Friday:

Twitter expands minds

She also expressed her love for “the flow of ideas” on Twitter on Friday:

love Twitter

Still another tweet during Goldrick-Rab’s busy Twitter Friday was:

students understand

Goldrick-Rab’s belief that teen strangers “understood” her odd Twitter behavior merits skepticism. Here is part of a June 6 Twitter exchange between the professor and the teens she randomly trolled with her concerns about a state law concerning professor tenure:

no one cares SaraAfter one recipient told the professor that “no one cares,” Goldrick-Rab’s response was juvenile mockery.

In her tweets to high school graduates who had no idea who she is, Goldrick-Rab suggested that “many” incoming freshmen at Wisconsin-Madison are “very concerned” about changes to tenure law.

She also threatened these high school students that changes made by state lawmakers will cause a mass exodus of professors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus:

we are all leaving

As of Friday, however, Goldrick-Rab appears to have changed her stance dramatically. Now she says she doesn’t want to leave.

hope to stay

The publicly-accessible July 1 tweet which initially made Goldrick-Rab the subject of national scorn and ridicule discussed her belief about “terrifying” “similarities” between Hitler and Walker.


She has since blamed her grandfather for her troubles but also, in some sense, expressed contrition:

Hitler fail

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