Krauthammer RAILS: Iran Nuke Deal ‘The Worst’ Since ‘Munich Deal Of 1938’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted the Iranian nuclear deal Monday between Iran, the U.S. and it’s allies, calling it “the worst deal” since the Munich Agreement of 1938 conceded territory to Nazi Germany.

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Krauthammer told host Bill O’Reilly that the deal will put Iran “on the threshold of becoming a nuclear state whenever it wants.”

KRAUTHAMMER: As of this afternoon, by the Security Council resolution, that the administration managed to shoot through before Congress could even speak on this. Iran is no longer a pariah state. It’s now going to be treated like any other state. Open to commerce, to business. Within a couple of years, it will be able to import weapons, the highest developed weapons in the world. It’s economy is about to get a $150 billion injection. It’s going to be allowed to sell its oil, to triple its output to the tune of about $120 million a day. It’s going to have an economic resurgence and it’s dominating the region, threatening our allies. And what have we gotten in return for all of this? A pathway that will guarantee that Iran will not just be a nuclear arms state, but have a large arsenal of nuclear weapons in about 10 to 15 years assuming Iran adheres to the treaty, which I can assure you, it will not.

But in the best case scenario, it creates Iran as a threshold nuclear state of which Obama himself said a couple of months ago, in years 12, 13, 14, there will be zero breakout time — meaning the distance it would have to travel from where it would be, legitimated by the world, to being nuclear armed with a large arsenal is absolutely disappearing. In other words, it would be on the threshold of becoming a nuclear state whenever it wants. This is the worst deal since the Munich deal of 1938.