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Quotes of the Day:

“It’s safe to say Trump will utter what most believe should stay as thought bubbles. Explains both his appeal and struggle for credibility.”

— NBC’s Chuck Todd, whom Donald Trump refers to as “Sleepy Eyes.”

“Watching my colleagues take turns yelling at nick denton feels cathartic.”

Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.


Overheard in the newsroom…

“After five days of not shaving, my face is on fire.”

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This just in from CNN PR: They’re beating BuzzFeed and Yahoo! News

“With 212 million video streams in June, posted its highest month ever and topped every competitor in the news category. The two-month winning streak places CNN ahead of Buzzfeed and Yahoo News, making the undisputed news leader in digital video. The wins reflect the network’s heavy investment and prioritization of premium, digital-first video – from CNN Digital Studios’ original series and short films to its global newsgathering efforts.”

Convo Between Two Journos

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza: “Trump press releases are like Christmas everyday.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “And he may actually write some of them himself.”

Convo Between Two Other Journos

NYT‘s Michael Barbaro: “Gawker is imploding under the weight of its own profoundly misguided self-righteousness.”

Gawker‘s Alex Pareene: “Fuck off.”

Elise Foley wants ABC’s Chris Harrison to do WHAT? 

“It would be kind of interesting to have a ‘Men Tell All’ in your real dating life. If Chris Harrison will host, I’ll send some invitations.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

RedState editor would vote for Trump over Kasich 

“John Kasich is a megalomaniacal a**hole and I have no use for him.” — RedState‘s Erick Erickson.

Erickson said the following on his radio website (because he says he’d have to ban himself if he wrote it on RedState):

“John Kasich is declaring his candidacy for President today. He has hired a group of people who hate the Republican Party’s voters to run his campaign. He is the second coming of Jon Huntsman without the winning smile. In short, John Kasich has over the years evolved in a megalomaniacal asshole and I have no use for him or the campaign team that brought us Huntsman 2012. I will vote for the Republican nominee if that nominee is Chris Christie. I will vote for the Republican nominee if that nominee is Donald Trump. I will vote for the Republican nominee if that nominee is Jeb Bush. I will vote for the Republican nominee if that nominee is Joe Blow from under the interstate bypass bridge at I-475. But I will not pee on the GOP, let alone vote for President in 2016 if God and the Republicans decide to punish us with John Kasich as the Presidential nominee or Vice Presidential nominee. Not. Gonna. Happen. …Screw you John Kasich, and the pompous ass you rode in on.” 

The Observers

“I’m sure Trump will soon settle back into his natural state of humility and self-effacement and find some way to stay out of the news.” — Steve Silberman, Wired.

“GOP is holding a blowout sale with 16 times the potential for cringe worthy gaffes!” — Matt Laslo, congressional freelancer.

“Donald Trump is a genuinely terrible human being.” — National Review‘s Charles C.W. Cooke.

On Gawker founder Nick Denton’s sensitive side 

“A few years ago I made a joke in a column about how a certain Gawker writer should quit before the place ruined her life. Within moments of it going live, I got an email from Gawker’s founder and publisher Nick Denton asking what I meant. For the owner of a site that regularly says horrible things about people for no reason but the fun of it, it was a rather unexpected display of sensitivity.” — Ryan Holiday in a column for The New York Observer. Read the full piece here.

Vox‘ Yglesias sides with Gawker Media employees 

Matthew Yglesias,‘s executive editor, stands in solidarity with Gawker Media employees who did not want the infamous post removed from the site.

In his morning newsletter (which I’m warning you right now I’m fully obsessed with) he writes of the two editors who resigned, “They thought they were doing their jobs, as repeatedly and publicly articulated by the founder and principle owner of the company. And it seems to me that they were right. To then not have their backs is appalling.”