‘It’s Infanticide For Profit!’: Steve Hayes Blasts Planned Parenthood Scandal

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative commentator Steve Hayes tore into Planned Parenthood and practices exposed in a second video released earlier Tuesday, calling it “morally reprehensible” to support “infanticide for profit.”

Appearing on “Special Report,” Hayes also told host Bret Baier that every Democratic campaign in 2016 that “takes a dollar” from Planned Parenthood needs to be “asked” and “made to defend” their decision in the wake of these videos.

The Fox News contributor was responding to a panel discussion on MSNBC’s “Now With Alex Wagner,” in which Wagner called the decision to donate tissue from aborted fetuses by families “an act of generosity.”

STEVE HAYES: I mean, I find that absolutely stunning. How do you possibly make that argument? I was shocked at the quote you read from the representative of Planned Parenthood who said it didn’t describe improper activity. Let’s be clear what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the extraction of infants, many of whom could live outside of the womb were this not done to them — the taking of their body parts and then selling them for profit. This is not a morally ambiguous — this isn’t one of those discussions where there are two sides to the discussion. What we’re talking about is wrong. It’s morally reprehensible. I mean, I thought on the scale of things in the world that are morally reprehensible, infanticide is just about the worst. This is worse! It’s infanticide for profit! It’s absolutely unbelievable that somebody would make the argument that they were making on that other network.

The politics of it to me, honestly — the politics of it seem very small, to even talk about politics of it in the context of this discussion seems almost improper. But if you’re going to talk about politics, I think pro-life candidates have an obligation to campaign on this, and I wouldn’t care if the politics were horrible. It wouldn’t matter. You should make the argument because the argument needs to be made…The politics will not be horrible. Everybody who takes a dollar for a political campaign from Planned Parenthood should be asked about this and made to defend this practice.